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Waiting for Normal

Author: Leslie Connor


The main character is Addie.
Addie Schmeeter is about the age of twelve,she loves to play the flute, she is also the daughter of Denise (second main character). She is well liked by alot of children in her class for example, Helena,Marrissa,Rick, & many people another example would be Soula, & Eliot. Addie as a character is very believable because the author explains her emotions as if you were standing right in front of her or as if she was a real person. One of her weaknesses are her mother, the reason why i chose the mother is because her mother is a little bit negletful one minute and the next minute she is non-neglectful, some examples of when shes being neglectful is her spending lots of time on tha computer and a buissnes worker named Peter kept taking time away from Addie and her mother spending time together.


The main setting is in a trailer.
The setting for Waiting for Normal is in between the city and the country side(it stated that you could see dirt on the roads). This story takes place in the present, maybe between 2005-2008(just to name a year).


The kick off is when their father brings Addie and her mother to their new home.
Addison Schmeeter's ex-step dad, Dwight, brings Addie and her mother to their new trailer home. Addie seems to like it but her other hated the trailer home. Addies mother got furious and upset and she screamed at Addies father. Addie's mother also included that she hated Dwight. Addie thought it would look like a nice little trailer home with fresh cut grass with a little garden and a nome resting in front, it was nothing like that it was on a tar patch in the city then when Addie opened the door she noticed they were underneath a train. Addie ended up having a bed that looked more like a cupboard while her mother had the master bedroom but Addie was ok with it she was only worried bout her mother being happy.

Point of View-

The point of view for waiting for normal is...
Addie tells the story. She is the best person to tell and/or explain the story because she explains her life as if I was standing right next to her. She shows her emotions clearly and in a way that you can understand and you don't get confused when she is explaining them, for example i can tell when she is laughing or even when she is crying.(so all of her emotions are clear but those two are explained the most clearly) I think it would be way different if a another character told the story because it wouldn't feel right, I also think the emotional part of the book would not be explained well it would be there but just not defined.



The climax in Waiting for Normal is when...
Addie accidently started a fire in the trailer while her mom is away, and the trailer burnt completly down, but thankfully Addie is ok, but because her mom left her alone and she started a fire in the trailer the state came and took Addie away.


In waiting for normal the story is resolved when...
Addie gets to live with her grandpa.Her mom kept leaving her all alone in the trailer.So when Addie burnt the trailer down the state decided to take her,(also because her mother is probably unfit to take care of her)but mommers came to apoligize and Addison just stood there and Grandadio told her mom to leave.So the next day the state came back and Addie begged to live with he rsistersw and Dwight and addi just said she wanted a normal life. Then the state accepted it and said that she could live with her step dad and her sisters so thats when Addison gets her normal life that she's been waiting for.

Author's Message

The Author's Message is...
Explaining the life and trails of a pre-teen girl with a mom who is not that much in her life, and doesn't really care about her, but along the way of her life not being normal she gets a glimpse of what a normal life is. I think the author wrote this book maybe to show that every little kid doesn' t have the good life and maybe the author herself had a hard childhood. There is also a definte message in the book.

Add a Chapter

If I could add a chapter to the book...
It would have to be about how soula died or what happened to her beacause she had diabetes and went into the hospital, and was sick because of her diabetes. So basically the chapter would be about her in the hospital.




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